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Originally Posted by Montique View Post

I was thinking of upgrading my m4 this season instead of buying a new one, seeing as i don't have the money for that.

So i was wondering, will all i need is a new gearbox and a spring?
I haven't really ever felt the need to upgrade so i know nothing about it and thought i could use some help. Anyone have any suggestions on something affordable but with good reliability?
Also, i should say im not looking to pimp out my gun or anything, i just need to get some updates so i don't break down in the middle of the season and am stuck without a gun.

Does this seem ok?

I'm not sure what you intend to gain be replacing a JG mechbox with an identical JG mechbox. It's not an upgrade in any way shape or form. THat's replacing what's already in there with an identical mechbox.

That being said, newer JG mechboxes are quite good. I say if there's nothing wrong with your gun, then don't mess with it. When something does fail (will eventually happen on any gun, regardless of the price), then open it up and upgrade it internally.
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