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I don't see why ammo limits should be in place for skirmishes and they are already in place for all good milsims so what the problem? If I play a skirmish its to have fun and not need to worry about counting ammo or running out in the middle of a fun fight. That just really seems to take all the fun out of it, after all a skirmish is supposed to be just balls out action. They work great for milsim because you're supposed to be acting realistically, but thats a whole different type of game.

If spray and prayers using hicaps are really so bad (and generally they are) and your tactics and discipline are so good then you should have no problem taking them out so what the problem? If you get stuck on a team of them then use them as a distraction or cannon fodder. Its a skirmish anyways, is winning really that necessary?
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Arkell was one of the worst players on the field
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