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Originally Posted by Gerkraz View Post
I can confidently say that ALL the high-cap users I play with use them out of necessity. By this I mean, the high-cap came with their gun and they can't really afford to buy mids/lows. I don't see any problem with this since a lot of us were there at some point.
Three words: supply-driven reorientation.

Businesses (first and foremost, distributors) can have a huge impact on hicap use:
1. Never include a hicap with a gun unless it's all that's available (ex. MGs, the odd primarily-drum-mag model)
2. Always have way more locaps and midcaps available than hicaps
3. Reasonable locap and midcap MSRP, especially with the box sets
4. Appealing locap and midcap wholesale prices, as dealers will promote locaps and midcaps more if they find them more lucrative than hicaps
5. Aggressive MSRP for hicaps to make them less fiscally competitive to new buyers compared to buying locaps and midcaps

Assuming there are Canadian distributors that have always found hicap proliferation disconcerting, and have made it a personal mission to make the necessary changes. Completely hypothetically speaking, of course.

Combined with education and guidance, this should significantly decrease hicap use.
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