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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
That's all fine Brian as long as you're playing on a team of said vets against a team of said n00bs. More often than not I find myself on a "team" with the spray and prayers.
All you need to do is pull a couple of other like minded guys out of the herd.. build a fireteam and run your game.

or hang back and watch the fight .. and put yourself into the fight where you can have the best effect.

no reason to to stop thinking just because you are surrounded by idiots

Also.. watch for how the sides are shaping up and make sure you have the right kit to run with the vets.. and place yourself at their disposal.

If you show up in jeans and a hoodie with mags tucked in your pocket you will be running with the noobs regardless of how much TI you got

I know lots of new players ( different than Noob) who showed up well kitted to their first games and less than a year latter are solid shooters running with the Vets and 100% accepted as peers..

Why ?.. they fit in.. are armed right.. dressed right .. and shut up and learn.
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