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Originally Posted by Dirty Deeds View Post
That is the KEY right there folks.

Positioning, changing position, and random movements. I just love the guy who sprays-n-prays every 1.5 seconds as he leads with his head to shoot, same spot, same height, and same timing.
Yup, and like I said, this is why I don't buy half the BS arguments about needing more ammo to effectively hit a target. Like I've stated several times in this thread.. if you're somewhere where your AEG isn't that effective, MOVE to where it IS effective. Then you won't NEED a crapload of BB's to hit your target.

I don't want to come across as saying everyone should use realcaps -I myself don't use them- but I think any player that feels they NEED to have more than 500 or 600 rounds on them really needs to rethink how they play.

"Someone in a Prius tried to race me at a stop sign the other day. I couldn't believe it. I had him for the first 100 feet or so but I can only walk so fast."

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