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Originally Posted by lt_poncho View Post
Sorry I knew what you were talking about - I was just dumbfounded by your reasons provided on not using semi auto/lowcaps.

Can't speak for others but in my experience i've seen games *often* get really ugly because the shooter just couldn't hear their target yelling hit as they were being lit up because they 'weren't sure if their shots were penetrating' - add to that the mechanical jack hammer running next to ones ear.

Why let everyone on the field know where and why kind of player you are when you can really just position yourself for a better shot?

I think it comes down to a mindset and one's idea of fun - they don't always match perspectives but that's ok too.
That is the KEY right there folks.

Positioning, changing position, and random movements. I just love the guy who sprays-n-prays every 1.5 seconds as he leads with his head to shoot, same spot, same height, and same timing.

Originally Posted by Primus View Post
I load between 32 to 36 rounds (depends if I'm using my loading tube or mag loader) in standard mags and I shortload all my pistol mags to 15 rounds. Yea it can be frustrating to play against mag ticklers but you just adapt. In the end it's tactics (individual & team) that win not how hot your gun is shooting or how many bb's your maracas can hold.

I load my mags the same way. And I've been using the same gun for about 3 years now at 360 FPS, it's consistant and accurate, so why change that for 40 more FPS, so I have to get a little bit closer to my target (read tactics) than I would with a 400 FPS gun.

All in all I beleive 300 round limits will force you to become a better player, when I was new I was the spray-n-pray type and I tell you, when you get a kill because you have out smarted or out manouvered your apponent it's so much more sweet than just spraying until you "happen" to hit your apponent.
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