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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
I "real" load my pistol mags. On my Sig & Glock 15 is enough and on the 1911 it just works better with less in the mag so it's 7. I have a lot of spare mags though for the pistols also so I don't feel the urge to cram them full.
I short load my pistol mags as well. It's a little more pressure to make the shot, but I also do it to offset cool down. If I find myself firing rapidly I'd rather count on less ammo and have a slide lock then all of a sudden not firing any bb's at all. Yes I do realize the pitch of the shot changes; but I like GBB's for their functional's just fun.

I use 68-round lowcaps in my M4, however I load to 50. I found with 68 I was always wondering "wow...when's it going to run out?". 50 was a good compromise for bushes. However I'm at the point where I'm thinking of lowering the amount of bb's again to maybe 40. I usually carry 6-10 mags depending on the situation.
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