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I am a noob and will openly state that i do use 1 High Cap mag. I do also own 5 mid-cap mags. In my experience so far in this sport i have noticed alot of people using high-caps and I can see why they are annoying. I to started playing this sport because I wanted to get into a military simulation type game and because of high-caps alot of players just resort to spraying bb's all over the place as to choosing the right shots and using tactics. I also see that there are many reasons why they are doing that.

- the guns available to new players on a limited budget just aren't accurate enough to use one shot to take out a guy.
- players are not calling their hits, this includes both new and veteran players.
- you have to factor in brush as well as wind into where the bb's are going and sometimes lets face it, no matter how good of a shot you have and how heavy a bb is wind can get so bad that it will take the shot all over the place.
- this seems to be just an issue with my buddy's and my gun but the mid-caps that we have purchased just don't want to feed. The springs get binded up and are not reliable at all.
- alot of new players are only joining this sport becaus of Call Of Duty and they are only fasinated by the guns and just want to shoot. They are lazy and dont want to move around very much and are not really interested in the whole military sim. aspect at all.

To add more to my last point. Out of all the games that i have been to i usually end up on the team filled with noobs because I am not part of a team and I am fairly new myself. The guys/girls on my team are not interested in using a strategy which i have suggested several times to my team mates only to get shot down. Instead they just run up to a cover position and start spraying in all different directions.

So basically you veterans are in it because you guys have a love for the sport as a simulator where as the vast majority of noobs (not all noobs) are only after a call of duty run around shooting like crazy type of game. Which just like all of you guys makes me frustrated at events.
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