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Originally Posted by FNG_13 View Post
I think a big part of the issue could also be what is "fun." "Fun" for some on this forum is having period or force appropriate attire, and "playing soldier," as someone put it, in the most realistic way possible. Others just like pulling the trigger and/or running around and spraying BBs at things.

Both of these are valid approaches to airsoft - what it really comes down to is the style of game you want to play. Milsims are milsims, but not everyone wants to be a grunt with 30 rounds in each mag. Some people want to be Rambo, because that's what their idea of fun is. Unfortunately, these worlds seems to be....somewhat mutually exclusive.

I think that (as has been mentioned) you vets should keep guiding new players towards the light - we're in the middle of a massive influx in the player population, but things should even out eventually. (Again as has been mentioned) tactics and movement carry the day -you roll through the opposition enough times and they'll start wondering what the hell they did wrong and trying to fix it. By the same token, you take some new players along for the victory ride and they'll start to imitate what's working. Or at least....they should in theory
You should see the first time Marui comes out with an AEG, they market their Airsoft AEG as better than the JAC that we use because they don't have tanks to supply the power and they have HI CAPS vs lo caps of the JAC
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