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Originally Posted by Gerkraz View Post
Well, honestly, do you expect the majority of people who use high-caps to come in here and openly state that they do? I mean, that's simply ASKING to be flamed.

I can confidently say that ALL the high-cap users I play with use them out of necessity. By this I mean, the high-cap came with their gun and they can't really afford to buy mids/lows. I don't see any problem with this since a lot of us were there at some point.

As veterans in the community, it is our role to nudge high-cap users into moving down to to mids/lows.

Good luck in trying to convince that to the new players, we have been using locaps and eventually realcaps since before this board ever existed, some of us went to hicaps because certain players during the 90's start showing up to th efields with new upgraded AEG and hicaps we just adapt but evetually they themselves disappear and replaced, Hicaps have it's usage ultimately it's up to the host to enforce same as any other games. In the past I'll indulge the mag ticklers with my own but now I just indulge them with a blast with the 40.
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