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Originally Posted by Brayden View Post
maybe you don't have a 'Forest' where you live but its of this land I speak of. Seriously though there's no need to poke fun at this and try to get me angry.
Sorry I knew what you were talking about - I was just dumbfounded by your reasons provided on not using semi auto/lowcaps.

Can't speak for others but in my experience i've seen games *often* get really ugly because the shooter just couldn't hear their target yelling hit as they were being lit up because they 'weren't sure if their shots were penetrating' - add to that the mechanical jack hammer running next to ones ear.

Why let everyone on the field know where and why kind of player you are when you can really just position yourself for a better shot?

I think it comes down to a mindset and one's idea of fun - they don't always match perspectives but that's ok too.
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