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Welcome CS3KM!! Glad you can join the party!

Yeah he probably does work for ehobby asia. I think he/she joined ASC just to salvage their reputation. Actually, I kinda feel sorry for the guy, he seems kinda desperate. Im actually not worried about his reply since its a nuisance to me.

First of all, Im pretty sure we are all mature here to mind our own business and not call across the globe to invade other peoples' matters. Do you think anyone here would call long distance to Ehobby about some other member's situation?

Second, look at his grammer and English, its pretty flawed IMO and resembles the broken grammar he wrote to me in previous emails.

Third, he just joined ASC in March (coninciding with the time frame for this situation) and if he understands the concept of "age verification", he would not have brought up my age.

Fourth, many of you have met me before, and I KNOW im very nice, very understanding, because I consider ASC as a community for fellows like us that share the same interest. I consider our hobby as a bond that unites us, so I treat everyone as family, and I try to help in any way possible.

Fifth, this is kinda funny. He said I tried to make a "profit and rip them off" ? I scanned the receipts and I sent it to them (I can show you guys the receipt too if you want, I have nothing to hide, but everything to show). So I dont know how I'm trying to rip them off. Maybe he thinks I forged the numbers? Again, for the 5th time, I went to the post office and they only provided me with several options for shipping. NONE of the options was under $40 for shipping, only $50 for sea, $58 by air mail. I dont know why the hard head wackle can't accept this. He checked online at the canada post site to justify the pricing. When I went to Canada Post, the clerk only gave me those two options above.

Sixth, if you read LittleTree's response, he stresses EXACTLY the same shit he sent me on email, so Im pretty sure hes from Ehobby Asia. Think about it, would any of us call Hong Kong to intervene other peoples' matters and post exactly the same shit he has written me via email? It's funny, LittleTree knows about what I bought, how much it costs and also the weight of the item. Dont you think he knows too much to resemble the infamous CS3KM??

Oh btw, I didn't reply to his email above because I dont want to steep down to this low life. He is simply not worth my time so I dont bother replying to idiots, especially those who claim themselves as "customer service". But on Friday morning, CS3 / Little Tree sends me another email like this. Dont forget, I didnt reply to his email above, and this is what he wrote to me after, I think its kinda psychotic (my comments in black):


Thank you for revising your statement. - Uhm, i have never revised my statement and I dont intend to because like I said, I stand true to what I say.
Below are the details for the coupon.
And I can understand your feelings. Nobody loves me. - Well, I can see why they dont "love you" if CS3 persists in being a jackass
I’m very sorry for the turn of events in this case.
But of you had posted the sight back with a lesser for of postage as requested, we wouldn’t be here. - I dont need to explain again here, its too redundant
And of cause if we posted the correct sight in the first place none of this would have happened, and everyone one would be happy.
But as they say two wrongs don’t make a right. And as in sports, it’s the first offence that matters.
So my humblest apologies for sending you the wrong sight, and any inconvenience it has cause.

I accept his apology, but his service has still been the worst I have ever experience, and difficult to forget. His reply is a bit weird, especially with his comment "nobody loves me".. Would a customer service rep tell their customers "nobody loves me"? Maybe he is just a loner, who knows.

Anyways, I listed all the facts to you guys. I care about ASC and its members, and I care about the service WE get from international retailers. I dont want US to get screwed too. So if you guys are planning to do any orders from them, you might want to reconsider. I copy and paste CSK3's emails as proof. Remember, I only deliver the facts, and you guys can decide whether to place orders with them or not. Ive done many orders with other companies and here are my experience:

Tokyo Model Company - best customer service, replies to emails crazy fast, I have good relations with the customer service that works there and she gives me discounts since Im a loyal customer.

UNCompany - customer service very polite, called them a few times. Got all my orders, sometimes the processing is fast too.

WGC - pretty good too, got all my orders in a matter of 2 weeks, sometimes they dont accept paypal for "touchy" items.

Airsoft Global - shipping is very expensive, but their the owner, MARC, is very nice, courtesy, and does custom orders for parts for me.

Bomber Airsoft - customer service horrible, takes them forever to reply to emails. But they usually beat all the other prices out there and offer a cheap shipping method. But their email is down for the past few months,

Tokyo Model Company and Airsoft Global are probably my number 1 choices

As for CS3KM / Little crack me up. Trying to justify yourself on email, then joining ASC to save your reputation, and then telling me "nobody loves me".. I think the best thing for you to do is just keep quiet, reflect on your mistake and your lack of professionalism and make the necessary amendments for your future customers.

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