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Originally Posted by LittleTree View Post
this is sad.
i've had nothing but good orders from ehobby.
with the exception of a busted buckle, was asked to return it, which I then found was easier to fix myself.

Oh, lol.
just rung them to conform next strip and ship as they had not replied to my 2 emails yet, but they were closed to 5 days for Easter, so I should have expected that.
And had a chatt with the CS about this incident and inquired about the missing “facts”.
Dude, you were told to not it post back using express.
that is their reason for refuse to pay.
Your order was under $50, including there shipping under $10
And then you go and returned it using express. Over $58 !!
What were you thinking ???

For a sight I would expect to be under 500g, so you looking at 9 or $10 to post from Canada in bout 10 days.
Oh, Lol, i get it, you were trying to rip them off.
You were trying to make a profit of the deal, and got snapped. lol!
and Seriously, can you expect good customer service when you’re just trying to pee on them behind their back.
now I want to ask, “how old are you” but realize you can be a bellend at any age. Lol.
You have to remember customer services are there to polite and get polite.
But if you want to dick them around. Then well... lol.

this was sad, now its lol.
sure they made a mistake, they never didn't try to help, and they fixed it. but yeah, it now does seems you tried to make on the deal.
Oh, and they said they issued you a coupon.
even after all u done.
but please, in future, If you going to tell a story, make sure its the whole story.

thx for the entertainment and eduction.
lesson to be learned... just solve the problem... don't try to make money on the deal.
Lol…. Noob got snaped!

he's at least 18, so you know he's not that much of a brat.

I smell a troll, can a mod get an IP check?
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