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No. I dont think so at all. In fact I find that the majority of the bunker newbs use low and midcaps (due to the high cap shunning from vets). Most of these players tend to be people with alot of money to spend on airsoft, with little experience.

The hicap newbs (while they have more ammo (and tend to be players with cheaper clones due to funds restrictions)) I find have a different pattern. Their first game they will try to shoot out, find that their gun does not have the range of real guns (ie counterstrike point and shoot with no gravity or wind). Then they either try to upgrade their guns to 400fps (to the maximum allowed fps) or they learn to move up. Those who have the dough, ultimately blow it on upgrading their rifle (due to frustrations of not being able to point and click) and the others who dont, tend to learn how to use their gun properly and move up.

Mag capacity pattern for people to get low caps tends to either be
1) they were introduced and play games with vets who tell them from the beginning to lose the ball ticklers (highcaps)
2) they have too much money from the start and get the whole full out desert combat loadout (CIRAS, helmet, rucksacks etc etc etc) and need mags to fill all the empty pouches in their CIRAS
3) they have built up their kit over time (which is how most of the vets did it).

While there is no right and wrong way to obtain lowcaps, im just explaining the patterns I see.
People who spend that kind of money up front with no experience and time will try to make up for their inexperience with kit. This will not increase their skills, but rather the weight they carry. Thats why you see soo many new players running Full CIRAS Setups with helmets, go bags, 3 day packs etc for short and light skirmishes. Most of the vets will lose all that over time.

Pattern tends to be
1) lose the pack
2) lose the helmet
3) sell the CIRAS and get a different and lighter custom rig.

I myself, when I was a new player went through similar patterns. And while I still own my Cadpat TW CIRAS, youll often see me rockin my lighter webbing or sniper kit.

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