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youll notice at zeon's last game 130+ players that the firefights inevitably ended up in bunker shootouts. Youll also note in the video posted of it, Myself and a few of the vets were yellin out to get these guys to unplant their asses and move. "Theres 18 of us, and 6 of them... MOVE IN FFS."

Dude if i can climb up that damn cliff with NO Primary and NO secondary with NOTHING but a knife in full kit and singlehandedly knife everyone on that hill and by myself take that hill an have to go back to the edge and yell out that I have taken the hill and get your pansie asses up the hill and move in, then there is something wrong. Coachster and a few other Snowdragons can vouch for this, he saw the whole damn thing from set-up to execution.

While i dont really care what capacity people use Kal (as I beleive its personal preference). What really boggles my mind is how everyone ends up planting their asses behind a dirt mound trying to do shootouts with people out of range.

Airsoft is about "Playing soldier." If you spend hundreds of dollars in kit (half of which is useless in airsoft) to look like a soldier, put a pair of balls behind your gun and act like a soldier. Aggression is key in combat Whomever determines the pace of the fight is ultimately the victor. This doesnt only apply to CQB, but outdoor combat as well. You cant have all 50 people on one team play DMRs, and especially with all the new guys, I see pretty much 95% of them doing just that.

I would estimate about 90% of my clients who are new players, and their first "real" gun (by real i mean high quality, upgraded and not a beater clone) is an armalite varient with m16 length barrel, tightbore, bipod, rifle scope etc).

Mag capacity has nothing to do with this I think Kal, its just the attitude, lack of experience and lack of training. While im not saying anything against DMR's, as I own 2 DMR Rifles myself, You just cant have an entire team of DMRs which is ultimately what it boils down to.

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