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maybe this is just my circumstance but semi seems to work fine because if they pop thier bodyout they get hit by the bb?
Sure, if you pop up without moving.

Thats where my point is made, airsoft is a sport of realism and to engage from a distance you need more bbs than you would bullets. Now obviously our guns shoot no where near as far or accurate but we try to put it to scale and its very hard to do that if you run a low mags, its a fact that you need mroe bbs to make the game more realistic. How many bbs = a bullet is the argument ,which i really don't know but I do know that trying to use realcaps etc will not make the games more fun or real. I don;t think anyone running 100roundish midcaps is going to be bruteforcing.
This is funny.. you go on about realism (last time I checked, airsoft guns didn't range 300 yards), and yet you use hicaps? Meh, I don't care really. I just think the argument is BS.

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