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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Full auto is for supressing.. semi or short burst is normal. No offense, but if the people you play with hunker down when someone is shooting at them in semi you're playing with a bunch of pussies. Next time someone starts "supressing" you on semi, switch over to full auto and rush them. See how that works out.

maybe this is just my circumstance but semi seems to work fine because if they pop thier bodyout they get hit by the bb?

If you're adapting tactics to a special field situation, it's an exception. Mass coverage by dense brush that only full auto bursts get through is hardly normal on most airsoft fields. Oh ok

While I appreciate you're trying to offer your opinion, you're kinda off base. That's not what happens when you do a skirmish with 10-15 people. By your own admisison you haven't played games with large numbers of players (I'm talking 20+). This is a trend I've noticed in games over the past year or two.

yep that's my inexperience.

Also, assuming by the comments you're making, you actually don't fall into the "using AEG's as support weapons" group I'm bitching about.

no I don't think any of my friends do as we wouldn't want to waste money for something so unfun.

That's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying I'm sick of the "everyone has a machinegun" playing mentality that highcaps inevitably lead too.

I don't like anyone spraying really either but using a highcap wasn't a problem for anyone i've known, taking note people I know don't own more then 1 highcap per gun. I find the assult and sub shouldn;t be used as support though.

I called bullshit on the argument that you need midcaps because BB's aren't equivalent to bullets because it's exactly that -bullshit. Airsoft guns have an effective engagement range, and effective situations, just like real guns.. and the "BB's aren't equivalent to real bullets" argument generally stems from people using airsoft guns outside their effective range or trying to blow through shit a BB generally won't go through. What I'm saying is that people should move to somewhere their gun IS effective rather than just try and brute force through something hoping to get a lucky shot.

Thats where my point is made, airsoft is a sport of realism and to engage from a distance you need more bbs than you would bullets. Now obviously our guns shoot no where near as far or accurate but we try to put it to scale and its very hard to do that if you run a low mags, its a fact that you need mroe bbs to make the game more realistic. How many bbs = a bullet is the argument ,which i really don't know but I do know that trying to use realcaps etc will not make the games more fun or real. I don;t think anyone running 100roundish midcaps is going to be bruteforcing.

Personally, I don't run realcaps in my SL9. I use standard mags (50 rounds). I'm not a huge fan of realcaps in skirmishes because I think they go too far the other direction.. but in the same vane, 50 round magazines still limit your ammunition enough that you have to mind your tactics and the use of your gun or risk running dry.

Frankly, if people used hicaps or a shitload of midcaps and didn't play like they had unlimited ammo I wouldn't have an issue. The problem is that I'm finiding people do play like they have unlimited ammo, so they don't bother trying to actually play... games degrade into 'whoever can fling the most BB's at the other team'. Frankly, it's boring.

I agree with this though.
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