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I use 7 lowcaps. And haven't used full auto in about two years.
At our team practices full auto is also not allowed.

But the use of 20 mids and 3 highcaps amounts to I think is three things:

Lack of experience
BB weight
Sight Usage

Lack of experience:
When someone on the field can't even adjust there hop up properly, or when after you've told someone 4 times not to mount a sling on the barrel release of a M249 and then lose their hop up rubber when they do it. They're the type of people that should probably go back to doing something safer like eating crayons and not airsofting.

Then there are those that go I hate running empty. Ever heard of buying a pistol mag pouch and a couple speed loaders and bring them onto the field. Reload at respawn. Cost for this after shipping about $30 for good loaders and pouch.

Now most will say ok but I only use mid caps cause I don't like the rattle or winding so I'm lighter than a metal lowcap. The answer PMag's. Lighter than metal hold less bb's and overall weight lower when filled then a filled mid cap. And with only 7 of these compared to the 12 or 13 mid caps adds to better mobility as it is lighter and requires fewer pouches.

BB Weight:
I use .28g bb's why because I need fewer to pop through heavy brush. Two years ago I bought a cansoft m4 when they first came out. With .28's I was snapping twigs and branches larger than a 1/4" thick. And thats stock internals.

Now you say that .28's are to expensive. Okay well what I can do in heavy brush with 3-4 bb's requires someone with .20's to do with 10-12 I'm actually spending less.
The Bent Barrel sells 1kg bags of bb's for $30
.20's = 5000bb's aprox
.28's = 2750bb's aprox
So its about half as many bb's. But if I shoot 4 times and you shoot 12 times your shooting 3 times as much as I am. Meaning your spending more on ammo.

This also leads to the point of if your shooting more than me then your also reloading more than me, meaning your odds of being pegged while reloading go up.

Lastly Sight Usage:
Now this I think is the real big one. How many people do you see with scopes, red dots and Irons running and gunning but looking at the trail the bb's make? This I see all the time. It makes me laugh and go wow whats the point of having that stuff on there.

Once the hop up is set I set my irons, then I set my red dot. After that where my dot is is where my bb goes so it very easy to shoot and I don't have to fire 3 or 4 bb's just to get a reference to where my bb's are going. And reducing my odds of having my position compromised.

If you don't have a tool to adjust something there is always somebody that is more than willing to lend a hand or a tool to help you out.
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