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I generally carry about 12-15 85 round mags and an 185 round midcap just incase for skirmishes, but I'm switching to 14 130 round mags soon, more because of the poor quality of my old mags than a lack of capacity. Go on about it being unrealistic or whatever but I can't stand having to load in the field or running out of ammo in the middle of a fight, plus I like having extra mags just in case people around me need them. A bb doesn't come anywhere close to having the capabilities of a bullet so its a completely moot point trying to compare them and for skirmishes its about having fun, not being realistic. I've never used more than half of what I carry in any game though, but its nice to be prepared.
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Arkell was one of the worst players on the field
"Leadership isn't about firing bullets and stabbing people. Leadership is about being able to tell others to fire bullets and stab people."
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