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I should probably clarify..

I don't have an issue with higher capacity magazines per se (I count a midcap as anything 100 rounds or more and non-winding, some "standard" mags hold 80 rounds [TM AUG comes to mind]). What pisses me off is the play style they inevitebly lead too... hosing bunker n00bs who never want to move. "Oh I need more ammo to punch through brush".. Here's a novel idea.. fucking move to where you DON'T need tons of ammo to punch through brush. With lower capacity magazines you can't use that play style. This isn't so much of an issue amoung experienced players who have been using lower cap mags and have a couple of guns with highcaps or whatever -they still know how to play.

It's a problem with players who started with highcaps or midcaps and never moved away from them, thus never learning proper ammunition management and the importance of tactical play, and instead rely on the "wall of BB's" tactics to win the game.

I'd be lieing if I said there wasn't selfish motivation with this rant. I don't like playing with midcaps or highcaps. I love having to reload and actually be careful with my fire. It is, however, incredebly difficult and frustrating playing against or with people who can shoot indiscriminately as much as they want.

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