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Back in the "day" I used to run TM Mids AK and I ran 5 of them. Never had a problem with running out of ammo. I also ran a G36 with two mids for a few CQB games, also never ran out of ammo.

Right now, (as Im getting back in) the only AEG Ive got is a CYMA Galil I picked up for my wife. CYMA in all their infinite wisdom made the Galil use unique magazines and nothing but highcaps fit in it. I do plan on picking up a second Highcap for her for (just incase) such as mag malfunction ect.

Im still on the decision phase of a rifle that will suit my tastes (Can't decide between a Masada or SCAR or M4/15/16 Variant) and I plan on using 10 Real caps or Mids loaded to real levels.

Frankly I belive in a 510 round limit for Rifles/Subs. In real operator conditions carrying more then that loaded gets difficult.

We have to accept though that our tastes might not be in line with everyone else in the community and we should adjust our perspective accordingly when we are at games that are not hosted with milsim rules in place. Bitching about the view from someone's pond ain't kosher in my book.
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