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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
Maybe adopting another aproach to engaging the ennemy would solve the problem.

If you play in team, engaging in formation, semi auto fire is sufficiant for fire manuvers.

When it's no longer about individual kills and more about making your team move and secure objective, then it all make sense. And it also validate the purpose of a team member with a squad automatic weapon. He will be the one doing the spraying while you move up.
Since im not 18 i can not play on fields with a lot of people, most my team has ever had is 4 including myself and we do use tactics but semi auto is usually only for suppressing fire.

Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
A lot of people used to play with 68 round magazines without any issue. If you're trying to shoot through crap that easily deflects BB's, move. Since when did airsoft become a sport where you sit on your ass in one place?

I also don't really like the "1 BB isn't equal to one bullet" argument. While true, if people are having that much issue getting rounds near their target that they need to use a ton more ammo to compensate, they're engaging from too far away or in a bad position. I say learn how to use your AEG and move to a better spot, instead of just compensating by filling the air with BB's.

My argument is more how AEG assault rifles and SMGs seem to be used more and more often as support weapons, and people actually have the ammunition to do it. The favoured tactic now seems to be "have 3 people hose the guy until you get a kill through sheer volume of fire" rather than actually using proper tactics to advance, flank, and kill that way. Heck, trying to get people to advance now is like trying to pull blood from a rock. When you don't carry 1,000 rounds on you, you're forced to move and advance, because you don't have the ammo to sit there and get kills through volume of fire. When a skirmish goes on for 10-15 minutes, with everyone constantly firing, nobody moving, and nobody getting hit.. I think there's something wrong.
That's not using logic its using a excuse to belittle players while you exaggerate. First, where I play there is a lot of brush and getting close to some one is not a smart idea. By no means does that resolve in us not trying to advance flank and pin them. If anyone is constantly firing I would assume from my experiences that they would get shot, no? Maybe the people I play with don't heavy fire like some working adults could afford to do but why not just pick up a sniper and take them out? They are not moving I presume and they aren't allowed to blind fire I also guess.

I think there is a balance. I do not agree with people throwing massive mags on small guns, and I agree on having a decent ammo restriction keeping in mind that realism isn't having the same amount of bbs as bullets because as you said its true that they are not equal. In basics you are saying your sick of people not using realistic magazines but you want to play like were using bows and arrows. That's how it comes across from me and whats the point of even using a gun if were in throwing distance of them? its not really realism is it then...

Just so everyone's clear on my stand I support team tactics, I support firefights with some realism(bb < bullets) and I embrace any gameplay that brings it closer to us using real guns, the balance between distance and tactics involved is all very important to me. I don;t really approve of people dumping ammo many times more then what the real gun could within reason. I think 68-100 round midcaps are ideal. maybe highcaps if we don't want to be carrying midcaps around but with rules like you have to take it out to rewind (reloading)
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