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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
I also don't really like the "1 BB isn't equal to one bullet" argument. While true, if people are having that much issue getting rounds near their target that they need to use a ton more ammo to compensate, they're engaging from too far away or in a bad position. I say learn how to use your AEG and move to a better spot, instead of just compensating by filling the air with BB's.
i agree with you on that. however, i must delineate: 1 bb isn't equal to 1 bullet. But that is why we use low-caps as opposed to realcaps. I am totally opposed to real-cap games because of the adage "1 bb doesn't equal 1 bullet". Simply put, one doesn't equate to the other. However, IMHO, lowcaps solves this problem completely. Instead of loading only 20rds into my M14 mags, i can load 70. I truly believe that this is a fair and just compromise given the ballistics and performance of airsoft guns.
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