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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
My argument is more how AEG assault rifles and SMGs seem to be used more and more often as support weapons, and people actually have the ammunition to do it.
I've always fired in burst mode, only times I've actually "hosed" is trying to hit someone running across the front of you, leading is difficult with an airsoft gun while you are firing. Ya, I know, practice, but in order to practice, you need someone to run in front of you, doesn't happen that much in games.

But, back on the burst mode, I have the Trigger Master in both MP5s, SD is 3rd burst, A5 is 2rd burst, so there isn't much full auto I do anymore anyways. I've always been one to hit what I aim at, but when getting out to distances past 120ft, it's often difficut when there is wind. And often the "move then" issue can't come up, we often have a building or structure to defend and are pinned down inside against guys coming from different angles and firing from brush 150ft away. Is about the only times I've cleaned myselff out of ammo. Most days I might go through less than a midcap to a few midcaps the entire day.
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