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Originally Posted by Brayden View Post
I think Midcaps are fair, and keep things more realistic then lowcaps/realcaps. Were using BBs not bullets. I can see how highcaps can be frustrating though but there is ways to have them play as low/midcaps. I support midcaps as a balance. If we all used lowcaps we would have to either pack a ton of them or play in fields without any brush/ lower all guns fps so we can engage closer.
Maybe adopting another aproach to engaging the ennemy would solve the problem.

If you play in team, engaging in formation, semi auto fire is sufficiant for fire manuvers.

When it's no longer about individual kills and more about making your team move and secure objective, then it all make sense. And it also validate the purpose of a team member with a squad automatic weapon. He will be the one doing the spraying while you move up.

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