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Cool Beginner at Airsoft War Games! Some questions and need advice!

Hi everyone,

I have been wanting to go into Airsoft for a LONG time. I used to own spring action and gas power pistols when I was a kid in asia, but recently I just got back into it.

First, I read lots on the web about if owning an Airsoft is legal. I know it was but some laws changed... Has there been any updates to that? Do I require any paper work? I am of legal age and wouldn't mind jumping through some hoops to make sure everything is alright.

So to start, I recently ordered a ICS M4 CQB with folding stock. I picked it because it looks different(there's tons of M4s and M16s out there I'm sure), and also because its lighter. Plus, I saw the metal folding stock sells for nearly $100, and most rifles come with crane stocks - so I thought why not I would get a folding one and maybe mod to another type of stock later, and would save on cost. Also a friend advised that in a war game some guns can tire you out if they are heavy, so I went with this pick because it shoots the same as other rifles in its class, but its light. Is this a pretty good pick? Please let me know any comments are welcome.

Also, I am thinking of buying a side arm as well. Maybe a Colt 1911 variant. Do people use side arms in War Games? Or are most battles mostly long ranged? Any comments on this matter would help. Personally, I love the thought of pulling a pistol instead of reloading in games, but not sure if this is a common thing.

That being said - also a question about war game meet ups - I am currently in a small group, but am wondering if I can meet up with groups here on this website for games? I am a casual player(not into cosplay) and a beginner and am in the GTA Toronto area.
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