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Another Trade Dispute - Requesting Help from ASC Members, particularly players in New Brunswick

Because a number of people have already addressed concerns with dealing with this person and I want to raise awareness about this user, the user's name is below:
USER: Ddelz

Hey guys,

I figured I'd start my own thread about a dispute I had a few months back, as I'm kind of encouraged by 1) the recent increase in disputes being outed in public and 2) the relative success in terms of dealing with this issue as a community. So here I am giving it a shot:

Back in December of last year, I purchased a Western Arms Wilson Combat 1911 from a member in the classifieds from Fredericton, New Brunswick, which was described as "shooting condition". Upon asking him to further clarify what kind of description the gun was in, he sent me a few more crappy quality pictures and said everything was fine with it. So I said after debating a bit and examining the pictures for a long time I said okay, paid the money and it was a done deal. The seller promptly responded after receiving payment by saying something along the lines of "Great, now I can go out today and buy that Crossman shotgun I want!" which is all fine and dandy until later.

In any case, I waited a fairly appropriate time, the seller was at least prompt with shipping it to me and kept open comms. Once the package arrived (which was a foam-padded hard case packaged into a sturdy cardboard box with MORE padding) though, I opened it to find to my horror a broken gun.

Of immediate note out of the box was that the frame of the 1911 pistol had cracked at the rear where the beavertail safety connects to the frame.

As I opened the gun bit by bit to see what was wrong with it/what could be done about the frame, the list of problems just kept on increasing. I found out the following problems later on as I went through the gun:
-BOTH of the included mags were leaking (I believe his posting said there was only one of the mags leaking)
-broken disconnector
- missing safety-slide plunger and spring set

Although admittedly some of those are easy fixes, I've looked into all of those and they are, for the most part, quite costly and quite frankly I don't want to have to deal with it as I paid for a shooting gun as I recall the seller had claimed this gun to be.

So I PM the guy about it, stating what damages are apparent on the gun and he says "That's impossible, I test fired the gun before I shipped it out. It must have gotten damaged during shipping." Now, looking at the packaging, there's no way any damage could have occurred to the gun in transit except maybe the leaky mags due to variations in temperature, I'll at least give him that. But both the hard case and the cardboard box were very much intact, there's no way an intact box and intact hard case could avoid damage and the gun would absorb any and all shock/damage.

In any case, I argued with him over a few a PM's and requested that I get a full refund and that I would send him the gun, even at my own expense for shipping: I would consider that a fair deal. However, the seller continued to be uncooperative in providing any sort of financial compensation, so I asked him if he could at least take the time to help me source the necessary parts I'd need to get the gun shooting again; he refused even this and said he'd "love to help" me but "didn't have the time or money" to help me out very rudely. I found this hard to believe as, even though he claimed to be "two grand in the hole", he unwisely purchased a Crossman shotgun the very same day with the money I had just sent him. Wouldn't logic dictate that you would put that money towards managing your debt? And over and above that, his debt was not my problem nor is it now.

Now, a few months later I've received absolutely no compensation, and this person continues to use ASC and its classifieds to post his stuff and peruse the website as if he's done nothing wrong. More importantly, he's continued to deny me communication and ignores my PM's insisting that we discuss the issue further.
I'm not necessarily demanding a resolution, but at least some consequences be issued to this person because clearly they think they can get away with selling crap in a box and get away with it. I'm hoping that the same positive attitude cast on other situations such as this will be shared with mine.

Additional details can be asked off of me via PM. If anyone has any specific details they require in order to help, I'll be glad to offer any and all information I have (including the actual PM's sent between him and I).
Please note that the quotations used in this thread are not verbatim, but the general ideas were captured as best as possible without using the actual PM's as direct copy-and-paste quotations.

Any additional information that I'm cleared to post here I will, including screen caps of his original posting (in case he changed it) as well as the PM's if I'm allowed to do so.

Thanks in advance.

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