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Originally Posted by mmelo View Post
Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd post a quick intro from a new member.

I have played paintball on and off for some time. Haven't played in several years, typical story, house, job, kids, etc...

Have been interested in getting back into it but never found the right atmosphere to play in. Most games tend to be free for all shooting matches.

My greatest enjoyment has been through team based games whether they where MILSIM or otherwise. Playing in a team to cooperatively win a scenario is where its at for me.

I get the impression that airsoft may offer this type of game play more readily than paintball. I'm also gettin old and frankly the up keep and cleaning required after a paintball venture is not as appealing to me.

I'm not really a military buff and I would decribe myself as left of centre. I appreciate the cool weaponary and gear and the "experience" of playing MILSIM/SWAT etc. scenarios.

Look forward to learning more about the sport and hopefully connecting with some local Victorian's!


Welcome to airsoft canada!

We are a great bunch, I suggest you check out the games section and find a local game in your area. We ask that our members get age verified (doesn't getting carded make you feel young again) so as to prevent our sport from falling into underaged hands. But while at the game you can get a great idea as to the dynamics of airsoft and the various AEG's and "guns" we use in the sport.

Also checkout the faq's, they are quiet helpful and answer most of the usual questions.

Cheers and welcome to ASC.
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