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well I did a seach for airsoft-club and found this so I thought Id add my experience
Here is my order
Order Number: 5846Date Ordered: Friday 26 March, 2010Detailed Invoice: Products------------------------------------------------------
4 x US Air Force Digital ABU Camo Milspec Boonie Hat Cap (AS668) = $19.961
USGI MICH TC-2000 ACH Helmet Cover Digital ABU Camo #A (AS1904) = $6.991
US Air Force ABU Camo Airman Battle BDU Uniform Set (AS532) = $29.99Size L1
G&P 2X Magnifier for 30mm Military Dot Sight GP894 (AS1221) = $18.991
G&P 30mm Aimpoint Red Dot Sight L-shape QD Mount GP121 (AS379) = $29.991
D-Boys Tactical PEQ 2 Style Battery Case Box w/ RIS Mount (AS728) =$14.991
30mm High QD Scope Ring Mount Type B for 20mm Weaver Rail (AS937) =$1.991
30mm High QD Scope/Flashlight Ring Mount 20mm RIS Rail (AS421) = $1.991
Element H-250 Military Phone for Motorola Talkabout Radio (AS1676) =$22.991
US Air Force ABU Camo Airman Battle BDU Uniform Set (AS532) = $29.99Size M
Sub-Total: $177.87
International Air Mail (Takes 7-14 days to Worldwide): $78.48
Total: $256.35

shipping isnt great but there is a few full sets of bdu's so that can add a fair bit of weight. Helps that it was a small team order so the shipping was split up.
I recieved the order 12 days after placing order so Im happy with that.
Hope this helps people wondering about them

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