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1: Full metal guns are available here, but you need to go through Age Verification process, to ensure you are a mature, 18+ person, because airsoft is a 18+ sport.
for more info on where, and how to get Age verified, look up the stickies, and FAQ's.

2: You won't have any good answer if you are irrespectful, especially here. You will get flamed so much. So I suggest you edit your post, and ask questions , starting with a question word ( where, how, can...) and forget about msn style texting. Its a forum , you have plenty of time to write properly.

Have a nice day.
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*You want that real glock? sure fill out this form and wait a while... what? you want that BB gun? ummm... sorry... no, but seriously this real one... what? well yah you could play airsoft with it but don't expect to have any replayability out of the other team.*
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