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A few years ago I had developed an online system for game management. Each person with an account on the system had a rating. If they flaked, their rating went down. The game hosts could set the tolerance level for their game. For example, say players are rated 1 through 10, 10 being perfect awesomeness... a game producer could for arguments sake disallow anyone trying to register with a 6 or lower for example. Players ratings would go back up as they attended games with lower tolerances, with no flaking. It was a nice, closed system but required a little more management by the game producers to ensure flakers were identified in the system accurately. Problem was, it costs $$$ to develop a system like this, and my team is completely booked.

If anyone with solid PHP and Database skills would like to work with me on the concept, I would be more than happy to move this concept forward, with input from the game producers in the area.

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