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Originally Posted by ThomasLee View Post
i realize this isnt a pellet gun forum, but i just did a quick search and it seemed pellet guns are around the $300 mark? i'm assuming for the same price i'll get something more accurate and more powerful with a pellet gun is that right?
also, would it be ok to shoot on personal property?
really? go look up Bass Pro or Canadian Tire for some .177 cal air guns. If you're only going to be target shooting, it's much more economical to get something like a Daisy or a Remington. Well under $300.

Will be tons more accurate than a stock WELL bolt action rifle unless your target is only 20-30 feet from you, then what's the point.

what kind of personal property? unless you are in a rural area which allow for the discharge of guns/airguns you won't be able to sit in your yard and shoot.

where are you located? you'll need to check with your local bylaws to make sure you're allowed to target shoot.
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