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Originally Posted by Assault Pioneer View Post
yeah, it's uh,,, it's in the post right above yours.

what I'm saying is that the CYMA ak-74 magazine dimensions (length, width) will fit into the CYMA galil, so 74 mid caps and low-caps SHOULD fit since their the exact same when it comes to sliding into the magwell. the only place I found that sold CYMA galil mags was airsoftgi, they were kinda expensive ($30 a piece plus shipping) and do you really want to be packing around 8000 rounds or ammo? I have 3 extra for mine but only fill two, and thats including the one in the gun. if you WANT you could use cyma ak-74 mags but grab a buddies and test it first

my bolt handle was coming loos aswell, nothing a little lock tight couldn't fix. rock solid gun, mines practially brown with all the dirt and mud that been ground into it. haven't opened the mechbox yet I haven't needed too and I've had it since summer 09' and use it frequently (I love my district-9 loadout )
I was not aware cyma made 74 lowcaps. My bad.

And I will probably pick one up for her so she doesn't have to refill it in the middle of a game on the off chance she burns through 430 rounds.
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