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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
I've handled a few of these and I can also attest to the fact that they're really solid feeling guns.
And again the only problem is the weak/flimsy bolt handle.

AK magazines will not fit in this gun.
Here's the thing I think is funny.

The mechbox is standard fare V3, its practically interchangeable with marui or anything else for that matter (for the most part).

Which means, for the price of this gun your basically getting a really nice custom metal body and front end kit with a free mechbox (thank lt_poncho for that revelation) and if anything does fail internally its fairly easy to find replacements of superior quality.

And your right, According to the general consensus on the internets no magazine but the CYMA highcap fits and feeds properly. Which means that barring some custom Midcap making, your going to be stuck using highcaps. Meh, its a small sacrifice to make for a very nice and inexpensive gun. But as I don't have any ak mags on me I did not want to confirm that in my review.

Strangely though, I would not recommend this gun to beginners as it is of fairly vanilla quality internally it will most likely require upgrades relatively soon after purchase.

I've also read that the CYMA AK74 highcap mags will feed, but why bother, they don't cost much less then the galil mags and they are highcaps as well. and to be honest the galil mags are not that hard to find anymore alot of american retailers are carrying them.

Would I buy a tonne of CYMA stuff. Probably not, but given the price point, they are not half bad.

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