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I'll just chime in for a brief moment....Krusty and I attended Broadsword, as those who attended will recall, simply as non-participants as it gave both of us the opportunity to recce the place out fully and observe some of the play in Broadsword as we worked on the scenarios for BWIII.

We were open to the ASC community and explained why the cost was significantly higher which was largely as a result of insurance requirements for liability at a multi-building facility that has been abandoned and in some cases blown to rat crap by JTF2.

To ensure a safe event (safety first fun second) was going to require some major logistics especially for the night op.

Those who have attended the BW series know that we don't tip our hat on the scenarios although we supply the theme. Objectives change as per our game design based upon field developments.

Countless hours were spent just planning BW III alone and we were equally saddened we had to cancel. Quite frankly those of us in Force Recon weren't prepared to take the financial hit without confirmation of solid numbers.

BW II cost a fair amount of money (many thousands) which was fronted by Krusty.........Nothing worse than biting your nails to make sure the costs are covered by sufficient attendance.

Although we may run a BW series this year we are focusing on OPPIV at Fort Drum and several other larger events south of the border. My teammates and I look forward to seeing many of you at other events in Ontario this year as well.

Have a great season!!

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