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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Again ... that is BS ... 130+ people posted "in" and "confirmed" well before the game when the Cost was well known.

I had an Org chart at company strength well before the Payment deadline.. but when it came time to put up $ there was clearly a lot more talkers than walkers.

A good lesson was learned by all involved ... Most people's post of "in Confirmed" actually means .. Maybe ill show up if the weather is clear and I can arrange a ride and I don't have to do something else that I forgot to check on before saying Ill be there
Please don't say I am BS as I believe this forum is for constructive discussion.

I show no sympathy to flakers but I would like to direct the game organizers/hosts to another perspective to see the whole thing.

Yes. The cost of game was revealed well before the game WHEN the economic downturn just started. So it is not surprised to see a lot of people still expressed they were confirmed or in.Then the economy became really dead in time when the BW was approaching. If I am right, it was around April, May when we heard a lot of bad economic news e.g. close down of big companies, layoff, ...... So that's a big possibility that many people who could pay the fee when they signed up had become jobless or financially tight. And I suspect if the fee was same as the previous years, more people could pay for it.

So it would be a good way for large game hosts to have alternate plans for happening of different scenarios, or be a bit more flexible in adjusting the set up of the game to lower the operating cost.

Finally, my salute to the BW hosts, I joined the first two BWs and really enjoyed them a lot.

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