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Originally Posted by H1TMAN View Post
Must games in the province of quebec range from 25$ to 35$. The more expensive games behind held on paintball fields and no one here bitches too much about the price. Its unfortunate to see large events comme to an end because people think that 25$ is too expensive for a game.
True that. Last year, Red Tiger's games were the cheapest [public] events at $15, which was exceptionally cheap considering his field was awesome. Most games here are in the $20-$40 range, in part due to them being on paintball fields which charge a fair chunk up front (but even then, a lot of people paid $25/4 hours all winter to play at the indoor pball place, which is really expensive considering the place).

But beyond that a lot of [usually veteran] players here will invest in equipment for games: for the winter game a lot of us went out and bought snowshoes and other winter gear. Similarly, last year at LZ's Op Kandahar, most of the Taliban players showed up in hadjiwear (most of the people in my group didn't have any, we went out and brought it for the event).

So I think Brian M. really hit the nail on the head; with the greatly lowered price of getting into airsoft, we now have players with far more restricted budgets. People now expect to be able to play for $300 and balk at spending more than a token amount for events (again, why so many events this year have gone private).

Originally Posted by T_A_N_K View Post
I'm not sure how it is in other provinces, but at least in Ontario, when hosts look at a CONFIRMED roster of attendees, they calculate at least 30% will flake just because. If the weather is less than perfect even more will flake.
This was a huge problem a couple of years ago, so last year we started taking attendance and coordinating between organizers to know who's flaking etc. Basically flakers get banned (1 year) from any future events by that organizer and potentially all other organizers acting in solidarity, full stop.

You call in, show up or call out with sufficient notice or you'll stay home and play with yourself.

Flakers ruin games for players and organizers alike. Stop buying every overpriced piece of shit Magpul* throws out on the market and invest in a fucking goretex jacket and waterproof boots so you don't have to run away like a little sissy if it starts raining.

Attendance at most of these games were close to 100% in 2009.

*Magpul does put out some good stuff, I own Magpul products. But some fanboys seem to have it as a goal to buy each and every piece of Magpul gear that comes out, in every available color, no matter how useless or redundant. And that's fine if you can afford it. But when you can't fit into one of the teams because you only have one BDU (and its in the wrong pattern/color) or you're afraid to play in the cold or rain because you aren't properly dressed, or you come out on the field in sneakers... you're an idiot.
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