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Originally Posted by Ronald Chang View Post
If I am right, the first 2 Border War game fee was only $ 35 (with one drink and hamburger), which I think is well worth. Then the third one was increased to $ 100. If you take the transportation, bbs, equipment, battery, propane, and food/drink, into account, it could easily add up to a more susbtantial amount for many young people.

The increase was simply too much and the bad economy also made this whole game became unaffordable to many people.
Again ... that is BS ... 130+ people posted "in" and "confirmed" well before the game when the Cost was well known.

I had an Org chart at company strength well before the Payment deadline.. but when it came time to put up $ there was clearly a lot more talkers than walkers.

A good lesson was learned by all involved ... Most people's post of "in Confirmed" actually means .. Maybe ill show up if the weather is clear and I can arrange a ride and I don't have to do something else that I forgot to check on before saying Ill be there
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