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The thing for me and people I know that went to Broadsword was that you paid $60 for an "ok" time

I must say I had alot of fun at that OP but others didn't, and to justify spending $100-$125 (I think that's what it was) for BW3 at the same venue was a stretch for some people.

I was one of those that signed up and flaked out when it came time to prepay, I was unemployed at the time (shitty excuse but it's the only one I have)

alot of people couldn't see why they should pay significantly more to play at a venue that they didn't have an awesome time to begin with.

Personally, I might be wrong but I thought the army tanks and apv's were a collossal waste of time and money and if that's what causes the high prices of large milsims like BW then perhaps organizers should get their priorities straight.

I know alot of people that think military stuff is kool, but when it comes down to it, I'm paying for airsoft, not to look at kool vehicles. Alot of people that I've talked to feel the same way too.

To Krusty, this isn't a personal attack on you, your a solid guy and it was a pleasure serving under you at the 24hr FTF game. I thank you for putting on all this awesome games in the past and I hope you continue to do so
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