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I'm not sure how it is in other provinces, but at least in Ontario, when hosts look at a CONFIRMED roster of attendees, they calculate at least 30% will flake just because. If the weather is less than perfect even more will flake.

With a significant increase cost to the BW3 game, is was what $100+? and the increased commute time to get to the venue, it isn't surprising why the game didn't take off. Yes the venue was unlike any other, and yes there was history and sound planning to the game, but I remember what Brian M said a while ago. The majority of airsofters in Ontario at best are young males with unstable incomes.

Heck look at the people who commit to game only back out because its not "worth" it to drive an hour and play in wet weather at a local FR game
(which is significantly cheaper/closer than BW3).

My only issue with the BW3 game was that there was very little information given out to non pre-paying players about the actual scenario, it was vague at best. This with the combination of how OP Broadsword turned out made my interest in BW3 fall dramatically. Yes I know OP Broadsword had nothing to do with BW3 but I can guarantee everyone who attended OP BS was thinking at the end of the day was "If BW3 if anything like today, no way am I attending"

Not to mention, if it was not for the 80% of the vets that attended that game, it would have been a lot worse than what is was.


With how flakers are and what Brian said, I think that best describes why BW3 didn't take off. Which is sad and unfortunate.

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