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Originally Posted by Primus View Post
True enough in regards to people balking at paying more than 20$ for a game but to call what was in the works well planned and a venue like no other is a bit of a stretch. IMHO it's was a mixture of cheapskates not wanting to cough up the cash and the vets seeing through the smoke and mirrors that killed the game.
I don't think there was any "smoke and Mirrors" Though I was not an organizer I was closely involved in many of the details.

The only miss-step was allowing people to sign up without $ down to start.

Also the Broadsword event ( which was at the same venue but not organized by the same group ) was lackluster due to bad planning and execution .. and people presumed (wrongly) that the same issues would be in play at BW.

BW suffered from under-capitalization.. and the players did the typical.. Ill wait and see if the game is confirmed before I pony up... Well if everyone waits .. then no one pays and the game goes south.

Most people don't have the first clue regarding the costs to get a large OP at a rented field off the ground... it is $thousands$ when you factor insurance and support fixed costs... They think that someone is earning large if the game fee breaches $20 .. and for some reason airsofters can't seem to tolerate someone making a little money to offset their risk... If I charge you $20 and put $2 in my pocket.. they feel I "ripped them off" for $2

I've been burned as well on games where 6 months out you have a full roster but on game day .. everyone has to wash their hair.

To my understanding ,, that is an issue at the LZ as well ...
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