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Originally Posted by Primus View Post
True enough in regards to people balking at paying more than 20$ for a game but to call what was in the works well planned and a venue like no other is a bit of a stretch. IMHO it's was a mixture of cheapskates not wanting to cough up the cash and the vets seeing through the smoke and mirrors that killed the game.

As the creater of Border wars what smoke and mirrors would you be talking about? I worked my ass of and lost money on that event 8 months of planning. I could not control how Op Broadsword ran as I had nothing to do with planning or execution of the event. I so fucking sick and tired of people bitching about cost or "smoke and mirrors" as you put it. I don't see to many senior people running large ops and expect for few guys like Testtube, Brian M, Sha Do, Wolfpack nobody once offered to help just fucking keyboard commando. Yes there will be a Border War III but by invite only.

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