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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Bollacks .. there were more than enough people "signed up" to float the game.. who knew the cost going in .. and said "i'm in" but when it came time to commit with coin more than half dissembled

The venue was beyond what is typical.. and the game was well planed to be an experience with little precedence here..

The issue is Airsofters in Ontario think that $25 is "too much to pay"

If they don't get Free BBs and a hot dog they feel "ripped off"

If you look as the costs for some of the top end games in the US $100 to $150 to get in is not uncommon for a weekend op.

But for the majority of Kraken toting mag ticklers $20 is a stretch.. it seriously cuts into their weed budget.
True enough in regards to people balking at paying more than 20$ for a game but to call what was in the works well planned and a venue like no other is a bit of a stretch. IMHO it's was a mixture of cheapskates not wanting to cough up the cash and the vets seeing through the smoke and mirrors that killed the game.
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