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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
I had an M14 which shot 380 and could put a .28 on a man sized target at 200 feet.

I also had an Ak47 which shot 380 and couldn't put a .28 on a barn sized target at 100 feet.

FPS /= Range. That's oversimplification. There are a lot of factors. If anything, Higher FPS = Less time for BB to reach target.

EDIT: Doh, necro fail.
+1, My 340 fps (+/- 15, can't remember it's exact) M16 is a ranged nail driver when the barrel is 100% clean. Little oil on the barrel/rubber and it seems to go from 200 feet accurate to... hard to hit anyone beyond 100....

Tweaking means EVERYTHING when talking about accuracy and range. Between the rubber, spacer, gearbox nozzel (and the airseal it forms with the rubber), Hopup unit (some are utter shit) and the inner barrel
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