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Get it. It's only $40. You'll gain experience with it and realize what works for you and what doesn't. If it falls apart, then it's not a big loss. Once you get to use it a few times and see what other vests and carriers people are using, you'll know what you want. Only then invest in a good quality vest that will last. It sucks to spend $300+ on a good quality vest / plate carrier only to find you don't like it, have to sell it at a loss, buy another one, etc. In the long run, this will be cheaper IMO. And if it holds together, then you'll have an extra vest for alternate loadouts.

As for everyone calling things crap because they don't cost hundreds of dollars. I showed up at my first game with a cheap $60 CADPAT vest that looks just like that one, only with mag pouches all around and no holster. Had all kinds of people tell me I should have sprung more cash for a better on because that one wouldn't last, etc.

That CADPAT vest saw more use than my other 2 vests combined, it's still is in excellent condition despite the abuse it's seen, and bears a load better than my CIRAS. For functionality, I prefer my CIRAS as I can configure it as I need depending on the game and my loadout, but quite honestly, if I'm to choose one simply for comfort and simplicity, I'll reach for my cheapo vest first any day.
I think that's good advice, I won't know what I like until I field test it. I stuck with the vest and it'll be here on Monday. It had 50 user reviews averaging 4.5/5 stars so it should be fine for now and it's better than going with no vest because I spent my airsoft budget on guns.
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