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A Camelbak is not necessary yet unless you plan on going to a larger scenario game or milsim.

Definitely good boots though, I use hiking boots but you may opt for "military boots" if you feel like it or have money to burn. (I'm planning on either getting my current ones resoled/repaired (they're nice boots...) or buying a whole new set of boots when they eventually wear down).

BDU's definitely; Surplus OD can be had for as little as $40 for a set in decent condition. I personally got my decent looking OD tunic for like $12 (because there was a previous paintball stain on it which has faded out with a few washes but you can tell where the sunflower oil or whatever they have in them hit).

You pretty much have all the required stuff by now and anything else is "nice to have" but not really nessecary.

- Deadrag (Red bandanna to signify you've been hit or any other piece of red cloth)
- Radio (I forget which one is in common use here but I think it may be the UHF radios, Morotolla GP something something which is an updated version of the SABERII is a good one from what people around here say)

Yep that's pretty much it, you're set for any scenario pretty much already and only need a few more things to be all prepared for a large milsim.
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