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My response to their email:

But you hate us now- Actually, i dont hate ehobby asia, I hate HIM, CS3KM. I never thought someone from "customer service" would be that horrible. I never met someone as low and egotistical as him

You have intentional tried to damage our reputation, yet you still want a coupon? - When I read this I was kinda laughing. I liked how he said I "intentionally" tried to damage their reputation when:

1. they send me an incorrect item
2. they send me an item that was opened / not genuinely as described on their site (CS3KM admitted this himself that gun docs open it briefly for their new gun builds and repackage it. I saved his emails so i can quote it verbatim if you like just as proof)
3. they tried to "reimburse" me with an INSTORE coupon for the shipping cost when they should be crediting the shipping cost back to my paypal account since THEY mailed me the wrong item
4. I sucked it up and paid for the entire $58CAD shipping cost by conceding with this low life. Then he offers to give me a coupon but writes "yet you still want a coupon" (i copied and paste verbatim what he said above)?? He offered the coupon to me in the first place, and now he is saying "yet I still want a coupon?"

I do not need to damage your reputation, you have damaged it yourself. I have listed the facts (ALL the facts) of the situation and you dug yourself into this hole. You can ask all the other members on this forum re: their experiences with ehobby. im not the only one with complaints

If I arrange a small coupon for partial payment of the postage, you will revise your statement. - I will not revise anything because I stand true to what I said, and I have nothing more or less to contribute. I tell people what happened and they can come to their own conclusions about ehobby asia.

This guy is suppoed to be "customer service". He demonstrates a lack of professionalism, does not exhibit any professional etiquette, and by far, the worst customer service I have encountered in my life. Can you believe it? He put the blame on me! I have dealt with much friendlier people at ehobby like Samantha and Kelly, and they are extremely polite, courtesy, unlike this guy. Even if you call people from Rogers or Bell or Dell, they might be clueless in helping you, but at least they are polite and dont put back the blame on customers.

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