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Gunnerairsoft also has a similar post up on the front page of the website.

Here it is:

Announcement 29-3-2010
Important notice about Chinese products.
Recently, one of the relatively new competitor, started a scam say that "some other webshop selling Trial version of product".
Well, those word caught my attention, and I think I have to explain something here.
(1) There is no trial version stated by any manufacturers, and they are all WORKING production version
(2) ACM manufaturers ALWAYS improve their products in different batch,
for example, the very first Dboys 3981M is very different to recently availiable 3981M.
I can only say those old 3981 are old version or first version, they are NOT trial version by any mean and they are actually a PRODUCT of dboys.

I can understand, some seller always say they have the first hand info and availiability on ACM product,
and found I have something faster than him (yes, Gunner always do!),
He jealous, and starts attack, nothing more , and he`s not the only one doing scams for his profit.
Scamming others for his own popularity........ I will simply call those "fxxkers"......

Feel confident to buy ANY items availiable in Gunner, products are no difference than other shops selling and I will never buy and sell B-graded stuff.
The only standard is a GOOD one. (I always stop selling sub-standard stuffs while others are still selling....remember EG-711 and others?)
If someone say he has a better grade product for the same model, dont trust him!! it never exist in mass production process.
All we are selling are same stuff unless special order from manufacturers for a large quantity.
All stuff I am selling is directly from Manufacturers.
If any sellers have newer versions I will have it as well.

Thanks for looking!!
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