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Originally Posted by Shooting Addict View Post
Only WA mags work in WA GBB's but WA mags are much better in every aspect except price
Ehhh..... Taking a look at the average price that a WA mag runs for I don't think that I'll be able to afford it (Prices seem to be around the $40-60 USD range from Redwolf).

I think I'm going to have to go with the TM because of the cheap mags and easy availability, and just take the slightly higher deprecation cost when I eventually sell and move back to Canada.

So this is what I'm hoping to get (I think I'll try running .25's first then try .28's and decide which I like better when I'm there):

TM Hi-Capa 5.1 (~110 GBP)
3x 50 rnd Extended Hi-Capa mag (3x ~30 GBP = 90 GBP)
TK Twist (I will be keeping my pistol under 1J) (~30 GBP)
Clone dropleg "long mag" carrier (~15 USD = ~10 GBP)

Total: 240 GBP (All new, but hopefully I can find some used stuff over there)

Only good thing is that the CAD is gaining a lot of ground on the FOREX against a lot of the currencies so conversion won't be that bad.

I won't be going like every weekend but hopefully often enough that it makes it worthwhile to buy then sell at the end instead of renting (pay back period is about 12 games assuming a $20 rental fee and even less since I didn't factor in resale cost).

I've also heard some things about propane canisters in England being different sized from the ones in North America? And that it may not be compatible with the propane adaptors we use in North America is this true?
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