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Originally Posted by Egria View Post
I had a KSC MK23 and it gave me nothing but problems. The main problem that always came up was the spring guide snapping. In the end, I just got rid of it.
I actually own a KSC Mk.23. It's the "old version" with a "2 piece spring guide". I suppose that when you say it's prone to snapping it's because it's a different system (and supposedly more "realistic" as that's how the Mk.23 is supposed to be according to "") than the standard "one piece" spring guide.

Anyways, it looks like once I get there I'll be running a WA then and selling it off when I leave. Just off hand what GBB mags are compatible with the WA? Are TM mags compatible? It would be awesome if I could run an "extended" (50 rnd) Hi-Capa mag in a WA race pistol. I can do this research myself through a google search but if anyone knows that would be awesome. (*goes off googling*)

PS: I'm missing part 52 or w/e on my Mk.23 (slide catch) and it looks like Den is the only place that has spare parts but they want $10 USD for it....

EDIT: I should also say I plan on running .28's in it (shoot a little under 280 at that point), is that a good idea or should I go .25's (295 ish FPS) or .30 (a little under 270)? Keep in mind this will be in field like "The Mall" in Reading (I learnt the other day it's supposed to be pronouncer "red-ding" according to a friend, can Yorkie or someone corroborate this? Don't want to sound like an idiot like I did when I said "pou-tain" when trying to order "poutine"), "Cage" in Dover, and "ShadowOpz Airsoft" wherever that is (in Kent)
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